Each piece of sculpture or ceramic art that you invite into your home represents not only what inspires the artist who created it, but is also an expression of who you are, and how you see the world around you.

Owning sculptures and ceramics tells people that you have an eye for beauty and detail; that you appreciate skill and delicacy, or the years of experience needed to be able to capture the spirit of a wild creature in bronze.

Whether your taste inclines to the whimsical or the lifelike, sculptures and ceramic pieces which depict African wildlife are an important link through millennia of human history. They are the direct descendants of the earliest artworks, and also a vital reminder of how vulnerable so many species are today.

Displaying sculptures and ceramics in your home ensures that you will never lose touch with the pulse and rhythms of Africa.

As you carefully handle an artwork made by other African hands, you form a connection with both the artist and their subject, and you’ll feel more alive.


Every Donald Greig sculpture represents a fusion of his passion for African wildlife, and his deep understanding of the anatomy and behaviour of each creature. The bush brought to life in bronze.


The Charles Greig Gallery in Hyde Park is a unique wonderland of art, antiques, curios and gifts, curated with a love for beauty and a storyteller’s eye for detail and narrative twists.


Eccentric whimsy adds irresistible charm to every piece of Ardmore Ceramic Art – a unique carnival of fantastical African creatures and figures, handmade and painted by master craftsmen and women.