Our reputation as jewellers of distinction has been built up, link by link, over many decades, and is founded on an unwavering commitment to delighting our customers, and a determination to be the best in everything that we do. To us, your jewellery or timepiece is no mere object; it is an extension of you and has both a past and a future. We will treat it – and you – with the utmost respect and a deft, careful touch.

As a South African jewellery firm with a global outlook, we maintain contacts with other distinguished jewellers around the world. This enables us to offer a level of service that is unmatched locally.

We’re passionate about jewellery and timepieces, and that passion manifests itself in our commitment to providing unparalleled attention to detail. Our curiosity means that we are continually adding to the knowledge we have accumulated in over a century of continuous operation, while our refined aesthetic sense finds its truest expression in the unique pieces we design and create.