Q & A with Christopher Greig

Q: Which of the blue stones do you enjoy designing with most and why?

A: Lapis Lazuli, for its opaqueness and rich cobalt blue hue, flecked with gold, has got to be the most vivid and vibrant of all the blue stones. Lapis Lazuli is particularly exciting set and contrasted against aquamarine and chalcedony. Chalcedony is also opaque and is a soapy lavender blue. I have recently worked with blue tigers eye better known as hawks eye. Again it is opaque with a silky shimmer and a smoky dark navy colour. In terms of facetted stones London blue and sky blue topaz work very well together by virtue of their light and dark contrasting colours. Blue is undoubtedly the most popular colour in jewellery which is why I use it extensively.

Q: Which of the blues is most popular amongst your clientele and why?

Sapphire for its varying shades of blue form pale cornflower to intense Kashmir. This precious gemstone with its long and romantic history is best set in Platinum or yellow gold alongside diamonds.

Q: Why is blue such a popular colour gemstone?

A: As a colour blue has always been the obvious preference possibly because of the endless variety of shades and also due to the fact that in terms of fundamental colours red, green, yellow and violet are often met with some resistance.

Q: What other colours and stones do you pair with blue?

A: Yellow is a classic contrasting colour with blue as is various shades of pink alongside paler blues.

Q: Which is the best investment, amongst the blues: Sapphire, aquamarine, Tanzanite?

A: Undoubtedly Sapphire, specifically an untreated stone, from Kashmir or Sri Lanka.

Q: Tell us about Paraiba Tourmaline. Do you ever work with this stone and why is the world going crazy for this unique blue right now?

A: For the uniqueness of the colour which is a fluorescent greeny blue and the fact that the more important gem quality finds come from one mine only in Brazil.

Q: Can you tell us about a piece that you designed with blue stones that is particularly memorable?

A: A Pair of pendant earrings in the byzantine style set with dark moon stone cabochons with a rope twist border and a pair of Afghanistani Lapis lazuli, intaglio engraved with a  heraldic motif featuring a coronet and ostrich plumes off which is suspended an aquamarine pendeloque drop.