Archipelago Bronze Exhibition: October 2018

The Mozambique Channel runs between the continent of Africa and the intriguing offshoot that is Madagascar, and you can sail these azure waters by attending the latest art exhibition to be staged by Charles Greig Jewellers at Hyde Park Corner.

Running for one month exactly from October 18th, this exhibition will rejoice in the name “archipelago”. It’s a fitting title: an archipelago is of course a clutch of islands glittering in a jeweled sea, and this exhibition will bring together the work of some of Africa’s finest sculptors working in bronze.

Each has been inspired not to cast his or her rod, but to cast incredibly lifelike (or stirringly stylistic) sculptures that freeze in time one moment in the vital lives of the fish, birds and sea creatures of the Channel.

The key piece in the archipelago exhibition is a bronze sculpture of a wandering albatross: this remarkable bird effortlessly flies through the spray of the world’s oceans, twisting and turning its narrow wings as it flies home to its mate.

For there is more to the wandering albatross than its seemingly erratic trajectories. This is a bird that engages in elaborate courtship rituals, and mates for life, remaining faithful to one partner until death – or the snapping jaws of a leviathan – part them.

The act of keeping faith is apparent at multiple touchpoints throughout the exhibition, with artists faithfully representing movement, vigour and even sound in bronze. Take time to marvel at the mastery of the technique of bronze verdigris on display – a sculpting method that lends fish in particular a lifelike sheen.

The silvery verisimilitude adds a magical undersea shimmer to the entire exhibition, while the inclusion of driftwood in the backdrop will invite attendees to imagine they are strolling barefoot along an endless parenthesis of sandy beach, the waves of the Mozambique Channel whispering to them as fish and turtles swing by, a gull is metallically frozen forever in mid-scream and a perfectly rendered,  graceful yet ungainly – pelican comes into land, webbed feet splayed for impact.

Welcome to the world of the Mozambique Channel, where nothing is quite as it seems and yet every sculpture is incredibly lifelike. The archipelago exhibition is your opportunity to explore this unique environment in the company of bronzes of the creatures who make their homes there, all without leaving the familiar surroundings of Hyde Park Corner. Definitely an event not to be missed.

For more information, please contact Steven Wilkins on 0800 333 888.