Our reputation as jewellers of distinction has been built up, link by link, over many decades, and is founded on an unwavering commitment to delighting our customers, and a determination to be the best in everything that we do.

We believe our expert service level is an offering that is unmatched locally.

We’re passionate about jewellery and timepieces, and that passion manifests itself in our commitment to providing unparalleled attention to detail. Our curiosity means that we are continually adding to the knowledge we have accumulated in over a century of continuous operation, while our refined aesthetic sense finds its truest expression in the unique pieces we design and create.

To us, your jewellery or timepiece is no mere object; it is an extension of you and has both a past and a future. We will treat it – and you – with the utmost respect and a deft, careful touch.

As a South African jewellery firm with a global outlook, we maintain contacts with other distinguished jewellers and watch makers around the world.



Our master artisans have honed their cutting, polishing and setting skills down the years to envision and create exclusive pieces of the very highest quality – jewellery that is as unique as you are.



It takes a delicate yet confident touch to bring an idea to life, and transform an imagined shape into a tangible form. Every gem we hold is in safe hands.

After Sales


While nothing can diminish the fire in your gemstones, the trials of life can result in treasured pieces being accidentally damaged or losing their lustre. Allow us to restore them for you.



Life does not always accord your jewellery the respect it deserves and while its fire remains undiminished, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune can leave their mark.



Just like a classic car, if you love your watch you need to take care of it. Timepieces should be serviced regularly by experienced technicians to ensure it lasts a lifetime.



Some words are worth their weight in gold, and will echo down the years. If they’re already carved on your heart, we can engrave them where they will serve as a constant reminder of enduring love.



Fire, flood or theft can rob you of heirloom pieces in an instant. While no amount of money can replace the irreplaceable, we can assist with the necessary paperwork to at least lessen the pain.



We will never allow emotions to cloud our judgement – even of the most beautiful pieces. Our dispassionate assessments are noted for their accuracy and reliability. You can count on us.



The sound of pearls dancing on a hardwood floor is exhilarating in all the wrong ways. Leave counting beads to the student with his abacus – we won’t string you along.