The Charles Greig Family

Our Story

A family without roots will leave little of consequence; in contrast, five generations of the Greig family have not only branched out, but withstood the storms of history as the firm has grown and prospered.

The Charles Greig family has an impressive legacy. Charles Greig, an émigré clockmaker, opened his doors in Market Street, Johannesburg in 1899. From these humble beginnings, the firm that he began at a pivotal moment in South Africa’s history has gone on to have considerable history of its own. As a renowned fifth-generation family business, Charles Greig Jewellers continues to design, create and source jewellery of distinction, and to supply fine timepieces. The firm continues to be steered by three Greig brothers: Christopher, Richard and Donald. With Donald’s daughter Tamsin having recently joined the firm, we believe our future is as bright as our traditions are rich.



A shared love of art and nature has manifested itself in three distinctive galleries, which has allowed Charles Greig Jewellers to expand its offering to include additional product ranges that reflect each brother’s individual creativity and appreciation of quality workmanship. Donald has crafted an international following for his superbly lifelike wildlife bronzes; Richard, with the expert eye and impeccable taste of a curator has created an emporium of contemporary lifestyle wares from sculpture to leather goods; Christopher has chosen to celebrate various South African sculptors in his gallery – naturally including his brother and mother. Together, the three galleries celebrate the best of South Africa’s creative output, with works of art that alternately amuse, delight and inspire.

The Charles Greig


In Johannesburg, Christopher Greig saw the opportunity to showcase the works of the family’s two talented sculptors, his mother Italia, and brother, Donald Greig. The Charles Greig Gallery in Hyde Park came into being as a contemporary urban space to display pieces inspired by the free spirit of Africa, and carefully curated bronzes which talk to the resurgence of this ancient art form in today’s Rainbow Nation.

The Donald Greig


Donald Greig is a talented, prolific and collectible sculptor of African animal forms. His foundary in Cape Town’s V & A Waterfront displays a dazzling menagerie of animal and bird sculptures both large and small, and, as befits a gallery at a major maritime crossroads, boasts an international clientele. Donald’s limited edition ‘lost wax’ bronze pieces can be ordered through any Charles Greig Jewellers store.